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Fixed IE6 bugs for Modal window


Fixed bug for modal window in IE6 since it does not have position:fixed style I have simulated it with position absolute with some tweaks. It is not so nice as in modern browsers but something that could be called falls disgrasefully :(


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Vector Editor

graph, SVG, VML

Created small simple vector editing program editing program. There are just three kinds of objects are implemented - line, ellipse, rectangle. The program itself is very simple and dump. It is been created for several purposes: primary is demonstration purpose - to show what ztools can do, second purpose is to debug new features for working with SVG/VML browser features.

What is most pleasant - the code takes just about 400 lines of code.


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Blog's reset


Todays I accidentally deleted all records from blog database, thankfully to Google cache I managed to restore almost everything from there.


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